BSRI model
The Buy/Sell/Rent/Invest (BSRI) model that I created an agent-based model that simulates the dynamics of a financialized housing market, specifically focusing on the impact of a vacancy tax on Beirut. This project motivated the questions that are currently driving my PhD.
Palestine Open Maps
Palestine Open Maps (POM) is a collection of historical maps of Palestine made by the British colonial authorities in the 1930s and 40s that Ahmad Barclay and I put together with the support of Visualizing Palestine.
Resources for (Levantine) mappers
This is a list that I started compiling for my peers in the masters in urban planning program at the American University of Beirut, back in 2018. I use it to consolidate resources that I use for reference in my every day research and mapping work.
YaMakan family of radio stations
A family of 7 community radio stations that I started at the beginning of the COVID lockdowns.