YaMakan family of radio stations

In March 2020, as the first COVID-19 lockdowns started and we were at home living with a terror of person-to-person contact, I started an online radio station inspired by a neighbourhood station in Milano. The first station was Radio il-Hai, based out of Mansion in Beirut. It quickly mushroomed into a family of 7 stations in Berlin, Palestine, Deir Atiyah, Tunis, Amman, and an anonymous alien planet.

The project had hundreds of listeners tuned in, and a full programming by tens of contributors. The only rule was: no COVID talk, we could get that everywhere else!

Majd Al-Shihabi // مجد الشهابي
Majd Al-Shihabi // مجد الشهابي
PhD Student

A technologist, turned urban planner, turned technologisturbanplanner. Also PhD student, in geography, at University of Toronto. I think about climate change, urbanism, epistemic communities, (computational) models and their ontologies, and building them in participatory ways.